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Before depart from KLIA2, we thought that we have more time to take our breakfast but we're rushing to check in our luggage. Haha.. So we bought some bread to eat inside the flight since I'm not taking any in-flight meals (to save my money.. not because I'm stingy ya... Haha..).

Once we arrived at Kaohsiung International Airport, my eyes keep searching if there's any Malay detected but failed. Haha.. Looks like we're the only alien there since most of the tourists are Chinese. So off we go taking KRTC to Kaohsiung Main Station where our hotel located. We bought the I-PASS (Kaohsiung transportation card that similar to Easycard from Taipei) Once arrived, we've been greeted by an Indonesian. Can't deny there's a lot of Indonesian also there.

So after asking the public where is the hotel located, and after doing a bit walking, we successfully found the hotel. It's Hwa Hong Hotel which is 1 of the budget hotel there. After checking in, we take a quick rest first before we heading to the next location.

The small bar. Source:
This is how our room looks like. Source:
This is the lobby. Source: tripadvisor
First of all, the hotel is quite comfortable and clean. There's an extra 2 single bed inside the room. The room quite spacious and I think it's a family room. They've provide basic things like toiletries, kettle and mineral water inside the small fridge. There's a TV too and of course a WiFi included. 1 thing that made me wonder is they only have 1 set of key for each room, which means we are not allowed to brought the key out from the hotel. We need to leave and collect the key from them which is quite weird. Once I stay at the other hotel, I realized that maybe it's actually 1 of their practices because it's the same for both budget hotel I've stayed in.

Sorry, I don't have my own pictures for this hotel. Haha.. You can find more pictures from their website.

For more info, you may want to refer to their website Hwa Hong Hotel or you can refer to for booking purpose.

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